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Did you know there’s jobs for people who are interested in fish in south Alabama? Did you know there’s ways to get paid for people interested in designing rockets in Huntsville? There’s careers all around you in every possible industry within science, technology, engineering, and math, and there’s not enough workers to fill the gaps. We need you!

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There may just be a paying job right in your backyard that you don’t even know about. Find out with YDY!

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Take yourself to the next level by exploring all that YDY has to offer.

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Your future is out there for the taking, you just might not know about it.

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There’s something for everyone within science, technology, engineering, and math. You can define what you want to do.


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Exploring something new can be an intimidating thing for people of any age. New avenues, opportunities, and life choices can seem overwhelming without guidance. You Define You provides students with tools they can use to explore themselves and their futures.

What you like to do, there’s something in STEM for you. Every Athlete needs to know how to eat and take care of their bodies. Every musician needs someone who can engineer that perfect sound for the track. Every movie star needs someone to build the newest and best camera. There’s something for everyone through YDY.

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